Reusch is a German company specialized in the development of high performance ski gloves. With Reusch you can be sure that you have high-quality sports gloves, whether you practice them as an amateur or in competition: the Reusch alpine ski glove and the Reusch Nordic ski glove. The brand also markets Reusch gloves dedicated to ski and football, its very first market.

It was in 1934 that Karl Reusch manufactured his first pair of Reusch gloves with the ambition of manufacturing innovative and quality ski and football gloves.

In 1973, Reusch took inspiration from medical rubber gloves to create a latex palm to improve grip.

Karl Reusch then collaborated with the world's most successful goalkeepers for 35 years, establishing himself as the specialist in the most technical gloves on the market.

In 1984, Reusch became the world market leader in the sports glove industry. Keen to diversify itself, the brand developed its range between 1989 and 2000 with Reusch ski wear and team sports collections as well as ski helmets and Reusch ski goggles. Before going back to basics: the production of alpine ski gloves and goalkeepers for the world of football.

Reusch makes every effort to allow you to be at the top of the sporting achievement, in skiing (alpine skiing, Nordic skiing) as in football.

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