Ski Tools

Ski Tools
Need to restore your skis to their original shine and performance? Worden has gathered for you all the equipment necessary to strip and sharpen ski edges. Sharpening files, sharpening stones, sharpening sets: choose from our range the essential tools for the preparation and maintenance of your edges, from our Skiman or Vallorbe ranges.
Whatever your level of practice, you can do the maintenance of the edges of your skis, and so benefit from the best equipment. How?
First of all, it will be a question of stripping the edges of your skis, and to do this, remove the ABS, that prevents effective sharpening of the edges and which clogs the files.
Then, our large offer of sharpening files, manufactured with first class steel, chrome-plated or not, will allow you to give back to the edge all its cutting, for perfect control of your turns and trajectories. Good to know: you don't have to press hard on the file. The quality of our tools is enough to guarantee you an excellent result.
To polish or harden the edges, you have the choice between sharpening stones or diamond plates, that you will take care to soak into water before use, for best performance.
Beginner? For your first investment, keep it simple! Our very complete sharpening sets will meet all your needs, by bringing together all the necessary tools!
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