Triathlon wetsuits

Triathlon wetsuits
WORDEN has selected for you the best triathlon suits that will allow you to swim in natural waters and protect you from the cold when the sun is not there! You will find a wide choice of wetsuits online and in store, among the biggest brands like Aquaman, Orca, Zerod, Zoot… To be sure to get you optimal comfort during your next outings, choose the the model that suits you best: full cut, short cut, sleeveless ... there is something for everyone. The characteristics of a triathlon suit are manifold: neoprene thickness, neck type, zipper or flotation level, it is important for you to choose the equipment most suitable for your practice.
Regarding the size, we advise you to select a combination that will really stick your skin all over your body. However, make sure the suit is not too oppressive so as not to hinder your movements or your blood circulation. In swimming, discomfort in your shoulder movements consumes a lot of energy. To be effective and efficient, choose a triathlon suit tailored to your body type.
To support you in your practice, we also offer a wide choice of triathlon accessories: glasses, hats, hoods, sleeves, socks, backpack ... in short, everything you need to be perfectly equipped!
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