Ski Wax

Ski Wax
As a Ski fan, the search for speed is one of your priorities. On groomed slopes or in deep powder, whatever your practice, waxing is an compulsory step in the maintenance of your sole, to benefit from an optimal glide! As a winter sports specialist, Worden makes sure to offer you one of the largest choices to optimize the performance of your equipment. Alpine wax, cross-country ski wax, snowboard wax: we offer sliding accelerators in all forms and in all brands (Swix, Briko, Vola, Rex, Toko, etc.), to meet the expectations of the most demanding skiers.
Whatever the conditions, from wet to very wet snow, moderate to very cold temperature, fine or icy texture, choose from our many surface or finish waxes, solid or liquid, the one that will be better to guarantee you the best result in terms of gliding and speed. Ecological waxes, fluorocarbon waxes, non-fluor glider waxes... all types of preparation offered on our website are developed with performance and simplicity of use. For the beginners, take advantage of the Alpine waxing, cross-country ski waxing or snowboard waxing sets designed to make your life and skiing easier!
Also to discover: wax remover in small or large packaging, in order to clean your soles regularly.
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